About The Practitioner: Emily O'Connor

I am an experienced Bowen Technique Practitioner, certified with The European College for Bowen Studies (ECBS) and have been practicing since 2011.

My path lead me to Bowen after experiencing back pain while working as a mobile Photographer and, earlier, suffering from knee pain after a 21 day trek in India – I was offered a Bowen taster session, which seemed to relieve my back in just a few gentle moves! Curious to find out more, I booked in a series of Bowen treatments. The powerful and healing physical and psychological impact this gentle treatment had on me led me to seek out training.

 TMy journey with Bowen has been an enlightening one. Ongoing research into the function of fascia and its impact on the body (and of course the mind) means that Bowen is a constantly evolving and progressing therapy, using new understanding to inform practice. ECBS has been a world leader in fascial research for the last 25 years, with ongoing discovery through dissection and experts in bodywork. This makes Bowen a fascinating treatment to learn about, and one that is constantly making further discoveries into the field of fascia and the body.

Bowen is a gentle, yet powerful, therapy to facilitate healing, releasing and rebalancing for both body and mind. It is always a joy to hear how beneficial Bowen has been to clients health and wellbeing as a whole, not only the symptom they came in for – and not to mention how relaxing it is!

I also offer Therapeutic Massage, developed with my own style and techniques informed by my training, including Therapeutic Holistic Massage and Indian Head Massage (The Devon Academy for Complementary Therapies / The Natural Studio).

I am proud to provide a relaxing, calm and non-judgemental atmosphere where clients can feel positive and accepting towards a path of healing, wellbeing and happiness. I am more than happy to chat and find out about your needs before embarking on a plan of treatment – so please feel free to call, text or email before making a booking.

*Since 2019 I have been completing a Diploma Level 4 in Integrated Counselling at Heartwood College, Dartington. I look forward to opening my private practice in 2022 – watch this space for details!



  • Lymphatics Bowen with Safe to Move (2020) – Gus de la Guerra
  • Advanced Integrated Counselling Diploma Level 4 (2019 – 2021) Heartwood College, Dartington
  • MSTR Scar Tissue Release (2020) – Jules Wilson (Alastair McCloughlin)
  • ‘Sports’ Bowen Technique (2018) – Paula Esson
  • ECBS Bowen Technique Qualification Practitioner level – Sylvia Wilkinson
  • Anatomy & Physiology ITEC Diploma (Devon Academy of Complementary Therapies)
  • Bowen Technique ‘Body Reading’ – Julian Baker
  • Graham Pennington’s ‘Textbook of Bowen Technique’ – IOS Techniques
  • Swedish Massage ITEC Diploma (Devon Academy of Complementary Therapies)
  • Indian Head Massage (Natural Therapy Studios)
  • Aromatherapy, Herbal Compress & Deep Tissue Massage (Zamora Health & Beauty Ltd)
  • Therapeutic Natural Facials (Sallys)
  • Shiatsu / Kinesiology Workshops (Exeter)