I started seeing Emily after my husband tried Bowen to help with his back pain a few years ago. Within a few sessions he was pain free. I went to Emily for help for my shoulder. It had been uncomfortable for years and for me, also, within a few sessions it was fixed. I have also seen physical proof that Bowen works as I had a lump on my shoulder joint for years. As an unexpected bonus the lump has all but gone. I was actually considering surgery at one point! Emily has a lovely calming manner and provides a peaceful environment for her treatments. I can’t recommend her enough.

Sarah R

Before being treated by Emily, I wasn’t sure what Bowen was. Turns out it’s a wonderful, gentle, but very powerful therapy, that fully relaxes the body and mind. It helped various specific complaints a lot, and contributed a fantastic sense of well-being to my day. Emily is also a talented masseuse, and I’d highly recommend her as a sensitive, intuitive, and caring therapist. Go and see her!

Hannah Martin

Emily has the most gentle touch and is a gifted Bowen therapist! A thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing – yet very powerful – treatment. I suffered crippling back pain, and I started feeling much better after the first session. Incredibly healing therapy!

Nathalie Larche

I have been having regular maintenance Bowen Technique Treatments with Emily for over a year now for my back and joint issues. From the first day I visited , Emily has magically relieved all my aches and pains with what seems like just a few simple but expert moves. After my very first visit I could not believe it when I got up at the end of the Treatment with free moving joints and absolutely no pain whatsoever – I had arrived just an hour earlier with crippling back pain which meant I could hardly move! I was immensely relieved and very grateful. Emily’s Treatments are so incredibly relaxing, that not only do I find them essential for keeping me going, but also for that quality ‘me’ time. I feel revitalised every time I come and look forward to every visit. Thank you Emily


I can’t thank Emily O’connor enough for helping me with her Bowen technique. She is 
professional, kind and gentle, and really knows her stuff! I have suffered hip and joint pain, and with Emily’s help I am now on the Rd to a full recovery..
Thank you Emily, you are the best!!!

Judy Barnard

It’s a game changer after a visit. I can’t put into words what it means to me. I leave the treatment room feeling unblocked, tired in a good way, but about six inches taller and happier. Emily is such a gifted therapist – thank you for all your insight, knowledge, advice and understanding which I take away with me after each session to put into my own practice. I’ve learned so much about life, my situation, myself. I feel much more grounded.


Totally recommend Emily and Bowen, she has treated me whenever needed for back and IBS problems for over 8 years. Usually 1-2 treatments gets me back to normal. Non invasive, doesn’t hurt , gentle and relaxing.

Liz Hill

Emily has healing hands! Her gentle, intuitive and skillful massage has benefited me so much. I’ve had several Bowen sessions, each one has been different and I’ve noticed the far-reaching effects on my body and my outlook every time. It’s a beautiful therapy and I hadn’t heard of it before I started working with Emily. She always puts me at ease for each session and seems to know exactly which areas to focus on. I highly recommend Emily for all massage work – she works wonders!

Claire Meredith, Life Coach

I highly recommend the Bowen Technique with Emily at Zamora. Suffering from chronic neck pain for years I had tried everything from chiropractic treatment to acupuncture – nothing works quite like the Bowen Technique! I think it’s because Emily treats the whole body, not just the problem area; and everything is connected after all! This holistic approach has worked wonders for me


I was attracted to Zamora because I have a commitment to myself to using more natural products, as well as upleveling my own self-care. It’s also in an easy location when I’m back here in Exeter. I’d used another salon before, and had thought to try out a couple more, but have felt so ‘at home’ in Zamora, that I’ve never been anywhere else. Emily and the girls were so welcoming, from the first moment I entered the salon. I really like the products they use and the service is excellent. Yet it’s not just those things that keep me coming back. There is something ‘more’ that I leave with, the quality of their attention, a certain essence which speaks to my needs, which is why I always feel uplifted as well as restored and revitalised when I leave. I feel so cared for – they really connect with me and make me feel truly supported and part of my ’team’. I thoroughly recommend their beauty treatments, as well as massages and holistic therapies, such as Bowen; I am so grateful to Zamora for my increased and increasing wellness which has contributed to my own success

Claire Meredith

Life Coach