Holistic Massage

Swedish | Aromatherapy | Indian Head Massage

Holistic Swedish / Aromatherapy Massage

Emily combines Swedish, Lomi Lomi and Aromatherapy techniques, with influences from her training in The Bowen Technique fascial / soft tissue work, for a truly therapeutic and healing massage. You can specify whether you prefer a Swedish mid-to-deep massage, or an Aromatherapy relaxation massage ~ whichever you choose, Emily will ensure that you receive a nourishing, grounding and healing experience to assist with aches, pains, general stress and well-being. Using either beeswax or vegan wax infused with essential oils for better friction, warmth and absorption. 

 Indian Head Aroma Massage

To clear your mind and release tension in the shoulders, neck, back, face and scalp – opt for a grounding Indian Head Massage using either Moogwax or a traditional grapeseed and essential oil blend. This seated massage comes from Indian Champissage to boost circulation and deeply relax you – with benefits including stress reduction, headache relief, improved hair growth, back and neck pain relief and much more.

Moogwax is a high quality blend of beeswax, apricot kernel oil, olive oil and vitamin E  designed for sensitive skin, and to provide just the right amount of friction for your massage. Choose from tailored essential oil blends including So Balancing, So Relaxing and more.